Policies & Priorities

Tony and the Conservatives will fight for you to:

Lower Taxes and Balance the Budget

A sound economy begins with keeping taxes low and spending within your limits. Financing frivolous deficits is a drag on the economy and a terrible burden for our children and grandchildren. Tony and the Conservatives will get our financial house in order

Keep our Borders Safe and Secure

Tony and the Conservatives understand the importance of keeping our borders open to trade, while protecting us from those who would do us harm. They will close the loopholes and abuse of the system by those who seek to exploit our borders, while reducing the backlog and expediting the claims of legal immigrants and legitimate refugees.

Help Families and Seniors Save More

Tony and the Conservatives understand what it is like to have to stretch your dollars to feed your family, and that most seniors live on a fixed income. They will work to keep inflation low and deliver tax relief where it is most needed, like the removing the HST off home heating bills.

Put Victim’s Rights before Those of Criminals

Tony and the Conservatives will respect the rights of victims of crime, and make criminals pay for their crimes, with appropriate minimum sentences and deterrents to keep our streets safe.

Create Opportunities for Business

Tony and the Conservatives understand the government’s role in building and strengthening the economy. In Niagara, business growth is driven by small business, especially agriculture and agribusiness, hotel and food, and tourism. They will keep business taxes low and eliminate red tape to build the kind of business environment that rewards hard work and supports small business owners.

Punish Criminals, Not Legal Gun Owners

Tony and the Conservatives know that legal gun owners are not responsible for the gun violence perpetrated by gangs, drug lords, and other violent criminals. They’ll get tough on criminals including those responsible for trafficking in illegal guns, and work with the legal gun owners to provide solutions instead of slander.